Exams are taken every 2 years (Sept/Oct) whereby the children get to display their work to an IDTA examiner who grades their abilities. All children enter an exam unless they are scheduled to be on holiday or join the dance school after we have confirmed to the IDTA who will be examined. Exam Fees differ depending on the exam being taken, and are funded prior to the exam day; usually with the class fees for the previous term (July). Since the dance school opened in 2006, the children have received a 100% pass rate. The results are fantastic for the children, and a wonderful compliment to the dance school and its teachers for the support offered to the children throughout their lessons and throughout their examination period. Once the IDTA confirm the childrens examination results, the children get to receive their IDTA awards by performing in front of their family and friends either in classes or performance shows.

100% PASS RATE!!!...
No Children have ever failed an exam with us since starting in 2006!










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