Welcome to Dancingkidz!

Welcome to Dancingkidz School of Dance in Northwich!

We offer classes to all children, even including new babies! Zumbini introduces babies & toddlers to the world of music & movement. Dancingtots is our FUN preschool dance class whereby children share their moves with their mummy’s and daddy’s. For our bigger preschool children 3+ (as long as toilet trained), they can also look to start Ballet whereby they will be in a class environment without mummy and daddy, taking a big step towards their independence! From the age of four children can start Glee class and once children start approaching the age of 5, they have a larger selection of dance styles to choose from. Zumba kids (latin inspired, hip hop grooving zumba for children), Musical Theatre (mimic popular musical theatre characters as part of a group performance) or Streetdance (if prefer current dance styles and pop music).





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