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'Isobel’s rhythm and enjoyment has developed loads and the confidence she has with her peers. Isobel absolutely loves the teachers she has contact with. She looks forward to it every week and it is nice to see development of her dancing skills. Many thanks to all involved!’ – Mrs Whittle

'Children enjoy it, price is good and teachers are excellent' - Mrs O'Malley

‘Her control and balance has improved and she enjoys making up routines using the skills she has developed from dancingkidz. I am happy with her development and pleased that after three years she still really enjoys her dance classes. I would highly recommend them because the teachers are great with the children and teach them whilst still making the lessons enjoyable. Milly was excited about the exam and delighted when she passed. The children were well prepared for their exam’ – Mrs Woods

‘The enthusiasm of teachers is infectious, and the professional manner in which classes start and finish is really good discipline. During the demonstration class at the end of term, it was so wonderful to see the youngsters expressing themselves in the improvisation section at the end. I think the fact the children felt they could just do what their body felt without worrying about what it was like was just fantastic’ – Mrs Chappel Robinson

‘Children are encouraged to be independent, away from parents. Learning through play is very evident too. I’m very happy with everything. It’s a modern ballet class and not too ‘old school’ and not putting too much pressure on the children. It is fun and relaxed and very evidently using games to teach which is extremely important at this age’ – Mrs Beckman

‘Structured class and friendly teachers. Very professional and well run business, that doesn’t lose sight of the needs of the children. Miss Kate is lovely, calm, encouraging and positive with the children. Emily loves ballet and actually cries when she can’t go which says is all!’ – Mrs Peacock

‘Macey loves all of it’ – Mrs Davies

'I would recommend dancingkidz because there is always a nice atmosphere, the teachers are always friendly and approachable and I feel there is a good balance between the teachers authority and the children's Fun - there never seem to be any raised voices but the kids all listen and behave well and always smile, that is good enough for me' - Mrs Jeffries

'Would absolutely recommend, great exercise and fun for both of us. Chance to dance and do some fun exercise together. Really enjoyable, Sharon is excellent with the children' - Mrs Riddell

'A bit of a workout for me. Enjoy doing an activity together. I like the time around the white board, I think this really helps boost confidence, group work, turn taking and listening skills' - Mrs Fraser

'Can we just say we have thoroughly enjoyed all the dancing tots and baby ballet that you have done and Isobel adores you and your great enthusiasm. We would like to say a great big thank you for making it so easy for Isobel to pick up her ballet even though we don't see much of it ourselves at home!!! She really looks forward to the Saturday dance lesson and is very proud of her dancing exam certificate and rosette!!!" - Mrs Whittle

'Lil thoroughly enjoys every aspect of her class and is filled with enthusiasm throughout the week waiting for the next' - Mrs Birtwistle

'I am very happy now with how Lilly behaves in class! Sharon and Mel do a great job' - Mrs Owen

'My daughter has now been at ballet with Dancing Kidz for 2 and a half years and looks forward to going every week. Her teacher is excellent, she continually encourages the children to achieve the best they can. The children follow the IDTA syllabus and my daughter has taken two examinations which she passed with flying colours. I can only credit the team at Dancing Kidz with helping her achieve this success. I would thoroughly recommend the classes to any parent whose child is interested in ballet or dance' - Kathryn West

'Jazmine has developed an appreciation of music and movement. An excellent way to pass a Saturday morning' - Mr Currie

'I'm very happy with the teachers and love the difference it's made to my daughter. She was very shy before she started and after a couple of months she became a very confident child' - Mrs Waldecker

'The fun we all have running around looking silly' - Mrs Turner

'I think that relationships between teachers and pupils are very good. Children are treated with kindness. It is incredibly well organised. Ballet ‘kit’ can be purchased on site. Parents are kept well informed about progress and any changes. Staff have always been friendly and approachable. Matilda loves the music, seeing other children and Sharon. Thank you for your enthusiasm and lovely attitude with the children' - Mrs Delf

'Friendly teachers - appropriate music choices that the children enjoy', 'Friendly and knowledgeable teachers who engage well with the small children' - Mrs Fielden

We would recommend dancingtots and have to our friends, even our kids rave about it. They wake up every Saturday morning, jumping up and down saying it's dancingtots!. It even helps the parents keep fit, great for kids, great for parents what more could you ask for. It is a structured way for kids to learn and have fun, dance, draw and work with others. Both my children have been to dancingtots and have developed co-ordination, balance, learnt new things, being part of a group, enjoy it and they are keeping fit' - A Moffatt

'My husband and I really enjoy the classes. We love to see Daniel joining in and enjoying the dancing. The classes are great' - Mrs Houghton