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If your little one enjoys dancing to music or listening and singing to nursery rhymes, then come along and join in the FUN

Dancingtots classes are FUN 30 minute energetic class for pre-school children, providing them with many beneficial skills such as confidence, balance, spatial awareness, self expression, muscle development, imagination and creativity, co-ordination and rhythm.

Classes are structured offering the children an effective FUN warm up jingle, followed by an interactive picture board section, which presents the children with the theme of their dances. Children then getting moving again to two themes before cooling down and receiving their participation stickers.

Dancingtots provides toddlers with the opportunity to display their imagination and creativity when performing rather than structuring each dance action.

Dance themes generally reflect the time of year and what is currently topical. For example, winter term may cover dance moves including snow and Elves whilst focusing on flowers and sunshine throughout spring term.

Birthday Celebration - Dancingtots recognises each toddler’s birthday’s by presenting them with a card and balloon in front of their fellow dancingtots friends.



Dancingtots can provide little ones with lots of beneficial skills just through having FUN

Help bring out your little ones confidence through interaction 
with fellow dancingtots and their teacher

Develop balance, spatial awareness, self expression and ability to combine upper and lower body movements simultaneously

Help muscle development and to gain more control over their movements and co-ordination

Learn from other dancingtots and enjoy the interaction with each 
other and their teacher

Imagination & Creativity
Develop their creative minds and expression

Ability to listen to what fellow dancingtots are asking, absorb instructions from our teachers and apply them to their movements

Develop rhythm and awareness of various music tempos, 
both instrumental and vocal

Create new friendships for both the children and the parents


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