Insanity is a high intensity workout which turns old-school interval training on its head for Max Interval Training. You work flat out in 3-5 minute blocks, and take breaks just long enough to gulp air and have a drink before getting right back to it...

It's called Max Interval Training, because it keeps your body working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. You keep pushing your limits – so your body has to adapt. That's how you get in such insane shape.

Classes give you the EPOC (excessive post exercise oxygen consumption) effect – basically due to the intensity of the class, your body consumes more oxygen afterwards, which means a higher sustained metabolic rate and thus more calories burnt throughout the day - 30 minutes is all you need to have continual calories burning for another 12 hours .
Unlike the Insanity home DVD’s, the class format has been modified to offer participates a lower intensity alternative to every move should they wish – allowing everyone to have a great workout at your pace.

If you think you have what it takes then sign up for a class...

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Insanity Class Prices are:-

£3.50 for a 30 min class

£4.50 for a 50 min class

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