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"Zumba with Sharon isn't like any exercise I have done before! Not only do you get an amazing workout with lots of fab dances, but it is fun! There is no competition to feel like you have to do all the moves correctly like there is in other dance classes! Zumba is addictive because not only do you tone, lose weight and get fit, but you feel fantastic because you smile and laugh and just have fun! I rave about Zumba with Sharon to anyone who listens!!! Thank you Mrs Power xxx" - Paula Aspinall

"I've been zumbering with Sharon for 2 Years and lost 4 stone, I can honestly recommend it. No other exercise keeps me smiling. Zumba with Sharon is a fun way to dance away the pounds" - Claire Beresford

"After having my first child i for some time felt very self conscious with my shape, I wouldn't dance at functions or when out with friends, Zumba with Sharon has given me something special, confidence to dance again and sing, whether on my own in the kitchen, dancing with my son or out with friends never thought I'd feel like that again" - Louise Lomax

"I started Zumba last year to lose inches what I gained was a bunch a ladies who will be my best friends for life, Every class we wiggle and giggle! It doesn't feel like tedious exercise it's sooo much fun! The bonus is I'm losing weight and inches at a fast rate woohoo! Try it you will love it! Xxx" - Lyndsey Wright

“Zumba classes with Sharon allow you to do as little or as much as you like.  Everything can be modified so it truly is for everyone of all fitness levels! Sharon’s Zumba classes aren’t just a great way to get into shape and stay in shape, they are also great fun.  Every class is always accompanied by giggles and laughter :)" - Karen Rogers

Zumba gives u wings, Sharon is the best, come and put it to the test ;-)))) xx - Joanne Mason

"I joined Sharon's Zumba classes in early 2012. I had tried another Zumba class locally, although didn't feel that I was pushed hard enough and that it lacked structure and professionalism. I was recommended to take one of Sharon's classes and the difference was unbelievable. She caters for every ability level, but really pushes you to work hard if she knows you can take it! It's the only keep fit class that has kept me coming back for more! So full of energy and enthusiasm, Sharon actually makes losing weight and keeping fit lots of fun!!" - Diana Broughton

"Zumba makes you come alive" It's great fab fun, really addictive brilliant dances feel good music! Come and join Sharon's Zumba party you'll have the time of your life! You'll love it and keep coming back for more!! ........! Definitely the benefits of Zumba..... keeping fit!!" - Yvonne Mackerness

"Sharon's classes are great fun, the only exercise class that puts a smile on your face through out" - Lauren Gibb

"Was very dubious about zumba when I was first invited to a class. I went, and have never looked back. After a few weeks, I had bought the pants and tops. It's Sooooo Addictive and our Instructor Sharon Power in simply the best. Xxxxx" - Dawn Jeffs

“Zumba is a great fitness class but it’s the instructor that makes it special.  Sharon has contagious energy and enthusiasm that makes every class so enjoyable.” - Karen Rogers