Street Fit classes are the first dance fitness classes in the UK based around the phenomenon of street dance. Street Fit harnesses the aerobic and muscle-toning aspects of street dance to create fun, high-energy fitness class which help to increase energy, strengthen and tone muscles whilst improving balance and flexibility.

Streetfit classes are broken down into 6 sections – warm up, upper body, lower body, core, cardio and cool down. Each section focuses on one particular muscle area and sections can be adapted to be either shorter / longer than others to get increased benefits in one particular area.

Core sections are primarily based on the floor therefore a towel or floor mat is required.






Streetfit is a fitness dance class, please don’t think you need to be a street dancer or break dancer to attend (no breakdancing takes place!) All movements adapt street / hip hop movements and are broken down before additional movements are added. This allows participants to become comfortable before adding additional movements.

We don't currently have a Streetfit class on our timetable, however, we do offer a 15 minute floor core section after zumba classes on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings, see our timetable for details.

Streetfit Class Prices are £5.00 for a 1 hour class